Monday, 18 April 2011

Fast week

This week went really fast. I started the week with my final dentist treatment, which one was a most painful as well.... because I had to pay the bill at the end. £513! Wowww! But now it is over and I can chew my raw vegetables without any problems.
The workshop was quite busy at the beginning of the week and it calmed down a bit after Thursday. I didn't really have any exciting in my stand, except our new demo bike the Orbea Orca and an American export Super 6 Team Liquigas,

I was still off from running during last week. I did 300km cycling during the week it is not too much, but enough for keep my endurance. I try to raise up my mileage a bit, but I still take it easy. I am planning to get some serious mileage during the summer. I will start the clock in after my Malta holiday.
Tuesday I was a bit dead the 5 hours sleep/ 6:30 gym / 8:30 dentist and 9 hours work combo. I rode straight home after work. I went out for a Richmond park ride on Wednesday, Friday I did a Box hill and back and Sunday I rode to Aylesbury. I was craving after some British country side. (thanks the tip for Dave!)
Friday evening - Epson Downs

I tried to eat much raw as possible during the week. I had only one cooked vegetable meal. I cooked only my meat and eggs. I try to get the carbs from fruits instead cooked stretchy vegetables. Sometimes it looks funny, when I get my lunch out of my backpack. This diet seems to work fine, but it needs more time for final judgement. I feel myself more fresh and energetic.
Fruity day...

I visited Martin again this morning. He worked hard on my legs again, but gave some attention for my back as well. I nearly pissed myself, when he tried to make usable my abductors. The progress is fabulous! The 18mm different between my legs dropped down to 5mm in 2 weeks! It means, it is running time tomorrow! This guy is a muscle whisper! I am so excited! 2,5 weeks without running was quite hard. Hopefully my form didn't really go pear shape and I can catch up quickly.
I spent a rest of the morning and afternoon with study. My anatomy exam is coming up soon... Come on Szabi pull your finger out!

I am going for a food shopping now and I have a meeting with one of my personal trainer friend later on Whole Foods Market! OMG! Should I leave my credit card at home????

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