Sunday, 3 April 2011

I took the DOG(ma) for a walk

Couple of weeks ago one of our customer walked n the shop with a Team Sky Pinarello Dogma. He works for Sky TV and he had the opportunity to buy one of the last year team bike. He bought Thomas's one. It is the right size for him (56cm) and it had a less usage. I had to change couple of bits on the bike and I checked over. When he picked up the bike, I got a kind offer for a test ride... Wooow! And the time was here on this weekend! He came in the shop on Friday morning with a bike. I just had to do some minor work on, but he wanted to pick up next day! Hurra!
During the day I sorted out the bike and personalised a little bit (right seat height, stem up side down, Garmin bracket). I launched out on the door 18:30 and took the DOG(ma) for a walk.
I didn't have too much time, basically 14 hours which includes my 7 hours sleep and other house works. I did two rides on the bike and I pedalled in nearly 100km. It isn't too much for a proper opinion, but I got some feedback.

The bike:
Pinarello top of the range bike. It comes with full Shimano DI2 group set, Dura Ace wheels and Deda finishing kit. I didn't weight the bike, but light enough... :)
The frame set is loaded lots of interesting solution, like asymmetric rear end (Pinarello claims, Dogma frames was the first asymmetrical frames on the market...), Torayka 60.1 carbon and nano alloy, tapered head tube, wavy fork and rear end.
The first thing what I noticed was the incredibly stiff BB area. The Dura Ace crank and Dogma frame combination give you a fell, you stand on concrete. The down side, my Super6 frame with SI crank gives a same feeling and nearly 250grams lighter...
The frame was 56 cm, but I felt huge. I more used to compact frames. It is a typical traditional Italian geometry. You sitting so high and the head tube is huge. I thought that this position gives you less stable ride and control, but it isn't true! The bike's cornering like you ride on rails. It was very very responsive and incredible stiff. And in the same time it was very harsh. The bike's comfort feel is very similar then my CAAD5 one.... basically on bad quality roads it beats the shit out of you!
The DI2 group set works incredible nice and fast. My favorite is the front mech, it shifts up in a second, no hesitation. I really enjoyed the DI2.... in the first half an hour... and after I wasn't too excited with it anymore. Shame, but I have to say, rather I spend a money for wheels or training camps and stick with the old and good cable operated group set.

Over all:
I really enjoyed this short time in the Dogma's saddle. My dream was one of the Prince of Spain paint job Dogma couple of years ago. It also was a good feel to ride one of the pro's bike. But I had to realised it isn't my cup of tea. Lovely piece of kit, nothing wrong with it... but I stick with my big C and have a lighter and cheaper Sram or Campy group set...

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