Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Busy days

My last couple of days was hectic! Sunday went really fast, I stayed in a bed so long. I woken up around 10 o'clock and I headed out for a 2,5 hours ride an hour time. I spent the afternoon to do fuck all, but I finished the day in the gym. I couldn't concentrate anything, my thought was far away. I had an appointment with the dentist on Monday morning. I had a root canal treatment last year and it wasn't the nicest experience in my life (pricey and lots of pain in the next few days). I was a bit worried, what my doctor will find in my mouth. I am very bad guy and dentist didn't see me nearly 6 years ago...

Well, I turned up at 8:40 on Monday morning in Marshgate dental practice. I was well informed and a bit more calm in 25 minutes time. I have several issues in my mouth, but nothing major. One quite big hole, but it is fixable and 4 small other repair. In this time no physical pain... just a pain of the payment. I have two treatment appointments and a £513 bill. Upssss.....
My next meeting was around 11 o'clock. I went to see Martin. Martin is one of our customer and he is aaa..... muscle guru?! I don't really know the right word, but he is Martin Jefferies, therapist, fitness advisor, flexibility expert, fitness writer & ski teacher.... Check out his page!
Well, I complained about my left leg issue to him and he kindly invited me for a check up. The diagnoses wasn't nice... All of my muscles are hard like a concrete and my hip is a "bit" on the wrong place. My left leg was nearly 2cm longer then the right. 4 weeks treatment and at least 2 weeks of from running. Bummer....
Martin started to work on my immediately and he gave me lots of home works.

Tuesday morning I woken up like who spent a whole Monday in the gym... Martin's Monday effort started to work. Tuesday was a quite hectic day, I went for a short ride after work, but it wasn't a pleasure.

Wednesday's weather was glorious! I started the day in the gym... but not with my usual treadmill workout! :( I landed on the cross trainer. After 20 minutes I was sweating like a pig... it is hard work!
Workshop was quite busy on Wednesday, but the whole day was fun! Definitely the afternoon bit! I built a Cannondale Slice Ultimate custom for a customer with full DI2 group set, Zipp carbon clincher 808 wheels. Nicest job in the month! The bike worst nearly £7000! Wow!

Afternoon went pretty fast and I headed out for a ride after work. The weather was so nice and I had just long clothing with me. The first 40 minutes was a bit "hot" but after the temperature started to drop down and I felt myself comfy in the light winter clothing. I did 65km and was pitch black outside when I got home. This was one of my nicest ride since I came back from Canary. I noticed Martin's work's benefits. My back is much much better and I was able to ride on the drops! I couldn't do this ages, any time I grabbed the drops, my back wanted to brake.

Now is bed time. I tried to do this post 2 days ago...but finally finished! Tomorrow is dentist day! I will be back soon!

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