Friday, 3 June 2011

10th day

Yesterday was my 10th day on the fruitarian diet. Here is a little summary of the first 10 days:

- my weight was 62,9kg when I started and the scale showed 61,9kg yesterday morning
- my body fat was 7,1% at the start and it is 6,4% now
- I lost 1kg in 10 days, 500grams fat and 500 grams muscle.... (to gain 500 grams quality muscle, it is hard work...)

I had a very hard couple of days beginning of this week. I didn't eat enough on Monday and I didn't have too much quality sleep for couple of days. I was a bit tired and felt a bit burned out, but with more food and proper sleep I got stabilised the "situation". Yesterday I was fine again. I pointed out this diet's first negative side. 10% protein isn't enough for fast and proper recovery next to very active lifestyle and 9+ training hours week.... The half kilo muscle loose is a bit
worrying, but I still feel strong and good!

23rd May.
23rd May.

2. Jun

Well, keep looking and I am updating you guys....

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