Sunday, 26 June 2011

30 days - end of my journey

Well, I am done with my fruitarian journey. I was planing couple of more weeks end of last week, but I decided to pull out and switch back to normal diet. I finished off my 30th day on Thursday and I had normal cooked food and meet again on Friday night.
Why did I make this decision?

Lets see! First of all my body weight drastically dropped in this 30 days period. I didn't loose only body fat, I lost a fair bit of muscle mass as well. My weight went down from 63kg to 60,5 (that was the lowest one in the 30 days) and my body fat was 4.8% on last Monday! I consumed mad amount of calories every day (over 4000 kcal) and a ton of greens, but my body weight didn't settle. The first two week's energy rush and good mood started to change tiredness and lack of energy. After the 20th day I had to start use my alarm clock again, I wasn't able to wake up automatically anymore. I woken up 1 hour later every morning then my usual time and I still was tired and I didn't have a mood to do any exercise. My recovery was far slow, I had muscle soreness from any small amount of training. I cut my finger and it still didn't heal after 1,5 weeks! (usually it takes me 2-3 days). After the 25th day I was ready to jump out in any critical moment. I totally stopped training on the last 5 days, eat a mad amount of calories and try to keep up until the 30th day!

In the same time a tried to find the answer for my questions! I read every related topic on 30bananas a day forum and I explained my problems as well. I had lots of very very "clever" and interesting answer. Basically the weight I lost, it isn't muscle , it was just crap and excess water! Wowww.... I wasn't a particular muscular build in the lest 2 years but now I look like a 13 year old teenager boy... Oh, well, I see, my muscles were full with crap! OK!
I had a sport related question as well, about "How can you run any endurance event on LFHR diet and how many top athlete follow this diet?". Well... I got a good explanation from team (and religion) leader Durianrider, basically no really LFHR top athlete (except Mike Arnstein) because everybody is a drug addict and dooper and nobody bother to change his current diet. And the same time Durian started to polish himself and his "sport carrier". Well! How many race have you finished on the podium , mate? NONE!
I started to have a feeling , that something is a bit not right with this bunch of guys on the forum. Durian is well know about attacking other diet gurus publicly.... like Mark Sisson, who is one of the leader paleo/primal diet guru. I am follower of Mark's blog and I never ever seen any slag off and judging about other diets. Everybody has opinion and most of people can share it in diplomatic form.
Durian blame all diet gurus are ripping off the public and try to sell his own products the public and tell for people , what people wanna hear...
Well, dear Durian, how much is your monthly fee of your " lifestyle advice"???? $2000/month? About what? Telling people, eat bananas and drink water? Well.... I think this is a rip off!
Anyway, I don't give a flying shit for this guy and his plastic tits girlfriend (who talks about natural lifestyle...). I hope you will be responsible for somebodies death one day! Your attitude is CRAP! (please note, this is not related with 80/10/10 diet, it is all about Durian)

Ok, move on! I started to do deep research on fruitarian diet failures and I found lots of interesting info again! Most of the fruitarian , who stopped this diet after 3-5 years, when started to have deficit on certain nutrition, talk about cheating during the diet. That is explain how people can survive on this diet that long!
Usually tooth failures is very common problem and this people blame cooked food and diets before. I found some extreme case, when people lost teeth and thought it is all ok, because the body just detox out the bed teeth...
The B12 and D vitamin deficit are just coming out years later.

Anyway! I did my little proof and I learned a lots of new things, but I had to realised this diet can't work on long term. (definitely not for me!). My goal wasn't to switch 80/10/10 diet fully and live on forever, I just wanted to try out!
Very good feeling to be lean, but what does it worth, if you haven't got strength in the same time?!
You feel yourself incredible light and fast...but this feel is just temporally and will switch to tiredness and slow motion.
I think this diet is great for end of season detox, carry on it for couple of weeks with zero or very small amount of training. Eating lots of fruit can be very beneficial for your performance, but you have to find the right balance. Raw food is one of the best for you without any shadow, but you also need some cook food as well! I started to eat cooked food, meat and other whole foods again and my cut finger hailed in two days.......
I am eating everything what my body craves in the last 3 days. I had some "bad" stuff as well, but I am full back to my healthy diet in couple of days time. I try to get back most of my muscle mass and strength as soon as possible. And I am going to keep one full fruit day every week!

The banana with you! And bear in mind eat some nice tasty but less healthy stuff sometime, because sometime you have to enjoy life.....

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