Monday, 20 June 2011

Hurry up...

My last week started very slowly but it turned to be fast lane after couple of days. First of all the weather was CRAP, thanks for Dave.... I was moaning about low temperatures on Wednesday afternoon, when Dave had a big speech about how lucky we are with dry weather and we shouldn't give a flying fXXk for low temp! Since this big clever talk I managed to get fully soaked at least once each day, basically it rains now EVERY day! Cheers mate! :)

Beginning of the week my black Sram Red rear mech's due date has changed again and went forward 5 more weeks. I had enough, I canceled the back order and I ordered the normal silver version, which turned up next day. I have everything on site now, I just have to manage find some time slot for my CAAD5's plastic surgery. I hope I can do it before weekend and I can test the new baby during the weekend.

I decided to speed up a bit my PT study and I started to make major effort on studying. Thanks for couple of really good friends I fly forward and get the necessary knowledge with incredible speed. I try to hurry up to finish of the school ASAP and my Gym Instructor exam is on middle of August! Hurra!

Mainly I ran last week and I just went out two times for a ride. I wasn't really in the riding mood during this "lovely" English summer rain period....

I did some speed workout during the week and I planed to run a race today but thanks for my weekend private gym course, the couple of shower I decided to don't do it. It is a trail race and I am not really in the mud swim mood..sorry.

I headed out for a 60+k ride Wednesday morning and it was pretty good! Weather was a bit windy, but the banana engine worked well and I turned up to work with a big smile on my face. My Sunday ride was a bit less fun at the beginning. I planed to do my usual Croydon- Epson- Richmond lap, but I got a puncture in Croydon. I quickly managed to change the tube, but my only one CO2 cartridge taken the Micky out of me and unscrewed my valve core. I stand with flat tyre and no pumping device with me 7 o'clock middle of Croydon. Thanks God, some other rider came past me and stopped to help. He had a such a crap pump, but I managed to put around 50 PSI in my rear tyre with 180 pumping movements. It was enough pressure to ride home and top up the tyre. I decided to carry on the ride but I changed plan. I went out to ride a lap in Richmond park and I headed to the city directions. I invited myself for a coffee... Where? Look mum no hands! Oh yeh! This is one of the coolest bike related cafeteria in London. I never been here before, time was here! This place is amazing! Check it out!

After a quick coffee and my necessary purchase I headed home and eat 15 bananas quickly.

I spent most of the afternoon in Barnes with one of my friend. She is a PT and she try to help my preparation to the course. I learned lots of new things.... and I have a quite intensive muscle soreness today. Lol!

Monday was a day of the rest and calm....or not?! I headed out for a short recovery run first thing and after all I picked up the "bargain of the Monday" on the market! I bought 39! huge size Valencian oranges for £8. I already managed to eat 22 end of the day....

I went to see Martin (Mr Elastic band, Super stretcher, Muscle whisper SuppleWorX man) , who gave some good squeeze for my legs and fixed my right painful elbow. After the 2 hour long human origami we moved in the kitchen with Sue. We cooked some mega healthy lunch and also made some raw dessert. The menu was avocado stuffed sweet potato and paleo chicken fajita. My lunch was 7 more oranges... :) But end of the day I nibbled a little bit from the raw dessert!
Not for me... (at the moment!)
Raw goodness
Sue and my oranges...

Today was a manic day! I woken up so tired. I didn't have enough sleep and I made around 1000kcal deficit in my intake yesterday. I didn't pay enough attention. On 80/10/10 diet if you don't consume enough calories, you are going to be a zombie next day. I got myself "stabilized" at the end of the afternoon, but I decided to come home after work and don't do any exercise at all. No running, no cycling, no racing.... Bad bad Szabi...

BTW, yesterday was the end of my 4th week on low fat high carb raw vegan diet. I decided to carry on this diet couple of week longer. Little progress update is coming tomorrow, now I have to finish of my huge salad and go in the bed ASAP!

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