Sunday, 5 June 2011

Great Sunday!

I had a brilliant Sunday! Why? Because I managed to win my first 10k running race! :) Ok, stop right now, don't think anything extraordinary... It was just a race, not a super race. But let see from the beginning.

I started to follow fruitarian diet 2 weeks ago. I made a decision to run a 10k race at the beginning of my new diet and 4 weeks time an other one. Just see how is my fitness changes during this period. My legs were itching for a 10k run since Kingston Breakfast Run 16 miler and the time was here!
I tried to find some local race and I spotted out Richmond Rugby 150th anniversary celebration run in Runners World's event calendar. It was an ideal race, Sunday morning, start wasn't to early, I could reach the place easily by tube. I did my entry in the last second, actually I had a think about to skip the race beginning of this week, when I had an intensive muscle soreness from the lack of protein. But SuppleWorX Martin magic hands and lots of eat and sleep solved the problem and I was in relatively good shape on Thursday morning. I decided to push the "ENTRY" button on Thursday afternoon..... in the last minutes! :D

I did really small amount of training during the week, tried to taper on the best way. It worked!

My alarm went on 6 o'clock. I had plenty of time to prepare everything. I had a 6 bananas- 8 dates smoothies for breakfast. I jumped on the tube quickly and I been in Richmond around 8:20. I went to pick up my start number and headed to Starbucks. I had a post race chill out! :)
I turned up the event village 30 minutes before the start. I had the first surprise of the day, I met with my old flat mates from Southfields! Linka and Robey ran the same race.
Opposite with the last year 450 entries, this year field was quite thin. The start was late with 10 minutes and finally we got the green signal 10 o'clock. I tried to stick with the leader group and it wasn't a hard effort. I thought we run slow, but checking my Garmin I realised the pace is under 3:40 min/km. My group was formed by 7 people and over the 5k sign we shrank down just 3 of us. The pace still was constants and one of the guy started to drop back over the 7km sign. After 8k I was pretty sure then my second place is mine if nothing goes wrong. In the same time my legs and lunge started to burn from lack of lactate acid, but I tried to keep up. The leader guy started to breathing heavily 500 m before the finish and I didn't need much more, I started to push like a lunatic. I won with 50m. I finished with 37:15. I ran a new PB, my best was 39:45 in the past.

I got a nice medal and a bottle of quality whisky. Ok, the whisky isn't too useful me, but I am sure it makes my dad happy! :)

After the race I stayed to chat with Robey, Linka and their friends. After I shared my all nutritional suggestion and tips with this guys I headed home and had a massive celebration fruit lunch and an hour nap.....

Great event, good place. I love to run Thames footpath every time. Frutiarian diet seems working, but I am still worried with my muscle loose.... when is it going to settle????? We will see!
I have to say especially big thanks for Martin Jeffries (Mr. SuppleworX magic finger, muscle guru) who was very kind and helpful and sorted out my legs yesterday early morning on his off day and weekend....
Very big thanks for CompresSport UK as well! Tim is a top bloke! Thanks for your support!

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