Saturday, 11 June 2011

21st day!

3 week done already! I ate only fruits and some sort of veg in the last 21 days. I didn't touch any cooked food, animal products or processed food. I am on the Low Fat High Raw Vegan diet and I feel brilliant! No digestion problem, no hunger and no craving after cooked food! (I miss my extra dark chocolate only).

My body fat and body weight dropped drastically in the last 3 weeks. And I lost some muscle mass as well. I try to prevent muscle loosing now and I eat a ton of greens every day, includes 750-1000g of spinach.

Everyone was quite sceptical at the beginning but it turned to curiosity in the last 10 days and I get more and more interesting questions about my diet! One of the common question is: "How long do you wanna do this? " My answer is: " Longest I feel myself great!". If I start to crave after any other type of food, I will have it! Over the 4 weeks period I am not going to ban myself from any food. I am going to eat what my body wants. But, at the moment my body says: "I need more fruits!". I never been this lean and energetic in the same time. I think this is the ideal endurance athlete built!

My last week went very fast.
Couple of new bits turned up for my CAAD5 project in the last few days. I am only waiting for my new rear mech, which one was due yesterday, but date jumped forward couple days again. Hopefully the final missing part are coming Wednesday at the latest. Mike from Jim Walker was very kind and sorted out for me a great price on my new "cock pit". I ordered Thompson X2 stem and a Masterpiece seatpost. (pimping is never ending......) and in the same time I got a bargain on a brand new Easton EC90 SLX3 handlebar. It came from the same place then my Easton fork. I couldn't say NO for a £100 price. And thanks for Dave and his lovely wife Tina I didn't pay a single penny P&P! Tina went and picked up my handlebar from the shop and then Dave transported it for me from the far Harrow... :)

I am in love with Thomson parts. They are not the lightest and most technocrat parts on the market, but this each Thomson bit has a vibe... So industrial and looks very strong!

Since Richmond 10k I haven't done a huge amount of cycling. Somehow I prefer a bit more running at the moment than cycling. I think the reason the time efficiency. Lots of things going on around me and some change is coming up soon. This thing takes a lot out from my free time, but I reckon it worsts the effort! Hopefully 4 more weeks and everything is going to be settled again. I managed to ride only once last week (plus my weekly 100k commuting). I planed to ride a long one on Sunday, but the horrible rain and the 6000 miles/ hour wind kept me inside during the day. I just went down to the gym and ran 8k on treadmill last night.

I started to look a pair of new racing flats. I have 4 pairs of shoes already, but they are not enough. I know...this is bad! But I wanna get something very light and fast for my next 10k. Nike Lunar Racer 2? :) I am also looking the Brooks Green Silence, but I still have a big swoosh on my heart and I can't (and I don't want) give up my Nike freakness.....

Other new arrival of the week was my new water bottle. I ordered a CamelBak Grove bottle which one comes with a built in (and replaceable) water filter. It works on the same way than the Brita system. It has an little active carb filter. You just have to feel up the bottle with normal tap water and you can straight sipping out the fresh filtered water from the bottle. Save you time and money on long term. The filter is good enough for 3 months and the cost comes out cheaper then any mineral water.

Ok, I think now this is enough.... I have to get back to my little project! Carry on watching , if everything is gonna be alright , my new rear mech will turn up and I can make my CAAD5 full plastic surgery! :)

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