Monday, 6 June 2011

Last two weeks in numbers..

Just a quick update, I summarised my fruit consumption....

Here we go!

bananas: 278
melons: 24
dates: 123
oranges: 22
mango: 11
papaya: 6
grapefruits: 12
apples: 10
pineapples: 4
mandarines: 44
sharon fruits: 12
kiwi: 4

Wow! You can see, the dominating foods are bananas, melons and dates.

I tried to pay more attention for my the protein intake from today. I lost a fair bit of muscles mass over two weeks . I have to eat much much more greens! I am going to post about leafy greens protein contain in the next few days. I started to dig myself in deep and I found lots of interesting stuff!

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