Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Food food food... and some pink

Since I finished my fruitarian diet, I try to get back normal. After my last Thursday jump out I started my new culinary journey. I try to put back some cooked food and meat just gradually in my diet, I have to get used to it. I had some minor digestion problem in the first few days, but now everything looks ok!

I was eating fruit and veg all day long on Friday, but I had some additional Honey Stinger protein bars. My body was craving so badly after protein, and it is still.... Adel and me decided to go out for a dinner Friday night. I found a very good looking little restaurant in Westfield. The place called Pho. It is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant and it sells freshly made noodle dishes. I had a massive bowl of wok fried rice noodle with chicken, prawn , lemongrass and peanut sauce (usually I don't eat peanut, but sometimes you need it...). Adel had some beef steak and meatball soup with a massive amount of rice pasta. And we shared couple of summer roll with peanut sauce. The meal was delicious and my body just sucked everything in. After a little chat we made our way to home, but on the way out I seen a Pret a Manger. I was craving after one particular Pret sandwich in a last few days. I walked in, when I just got told , tills are closed, sorry. I got a panic attack! :) I tried to buy a sandwich.... The manager was a nice guy and he just gave me the sandwich free! Wow! BTW, Pret has a freshness promise, the stuff what left over are going in the bin end of the day.

Light menu..
Bowl of love!

Saturday morning I headed out for a short run after 4 days full off from training. Legs were a bit stiff in the first couple of k, but end of the day I felt great! After work on the way home I popped in to see Martin and we finished of his new toy. He bought an old (okok not too old) Sigma carbon TT frame on Sigma's sale and we turned it for a single speed commuter monster. He did a rest of the job, I just had to swap over the crank from his other bike. It wasn't an easy process, removing alloy cup BB from a steal frame...thread is soaked in lock tight, but with some McGiver tricks we solved the problem. On the evening I dig myself in the kitchen and made some avocado stuffed sweet potato and turkey fajita. It was so good, but the too much
bell pepper blow up me like a air balloon.
Martin mobile

Avocado stuffed sweet potato with turkey fajita

But not just Martin has a new toy! I rebuilt my CAAD5 on last Thursday night. The bike got nearly everything new, just a frame, wheels and saddle stayed the same! Here is a photo and more details are coming soon.
My love...

One day later my new shoes turned up! Limited edition Rapha Condor Giro. Only made 600, mine one is a 471. I ordered it nearly 5 months ago... but worst the wait, it perfectly match my bikes colour!
Pimp high...

Sunday morning I taken out CAAD for a short ride. I just did easy 65k but I was very impressed with a bike. I changed couple of set ups and now it feels far better then before. I spent a rest of the Sunday with study, but I still had time for a little Whole Foods trip, meet with friends and a quick gym workout.

After the last month muscle mass loose, I decided to bulk back a little bit quickly. I pushed up my protein intake and I am going to do drop sessions in the next 4 weeks. I hope I can get back around 64,5-65kg quickly with a less as possible fat gain. From Monday my diet is still strictly clean again and I try to eat much raw as possible.

Monday was a madhouse, but a very very good day! I started a day with a little bike build for my friend. After I went to see MArtin , who played with my legs 2 hours and made my mood better. We had a good chat with him and his girlfriend Sue and I changed my world view! :) Cheers guys!

After the treatment we headed out to Look Mum No Hand for a lunch. We rode across the whole city, flow in the traffic! It was a great ride and I realized again, how cool is London, when you are see the things from the right angle... but, I have to buy a single speed ASAP! Because this trip also remembered me, why I hate to ride single speed riders, when I am on geared bike! Ehhh, it is suck!

Journey wasn't too long, but Martin managed to get a puncture with his super light (condom?!) inner tubes. No panic, mechanic on the board, we solved it in 5 minutes.

Great salad lunch in LMNH, and ride home. I had an other meeting in Barnes later on the day.
Look mum salad....

I went to see a new friend. We don't know each other long time ago, but hopefully it is beginning of the beautiful friendship...

Cut the long story short, a beer later I had a very very good sponsorship deal in my pocket for next season! I am neraly covered! I don't really want to share more details at the moment, but it looks a bloody fXXking big help! We finished the meeting with a nice dinner in Red Lion pub in Barnes. Hmm... I had some awesome lamb steak with salad!
Wollie Bollie bahhhh bahhhhh

Tuesday morning was a bit adventure. I went for an early run, I planed to run 13-14k, but I finished with nearly 19... I did a wrong turn on one place! :) The humidity and temperature were killer.

The last two days went quick and I am just finished with the pack in! I am off to Italy tomorrow morning for 3 days. I am going to see Willier's 2012 products launch! Stay tuned, keep looking, lots of interesting stuff is coming up!

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